nupafeed stress less calming supplement for dogs


Calming supplement for anxiety and tension in working dogs

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Product features

  • Suitable for any stress related behaviour, for short or long term use
  • Stress-Less uses MAH®, a magnesium compound that is unique to Nupafeed
  • No sedative ingredients
  • Available as liquid or tablets
  • Feeding regime can be easily adjusted to suit individual requirements
  • Safe to feed alongside other supplements or medication
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Stress-Less Frequently Asked Questions  Stress-Less Feeding Guidelines 

Stress-Less is a completely different sort of calming supplement for dogs. Unlike other anxiety supplements, Stress-Less does not include any drowsy ingredients such as valerian, herbs or L-tryptophan. Our key ingredient is MAH® magnesium, which works by helping your dog to cope with the stresses of everyday life, work and competition.

The German Pharmaceutical company, Verla-Pharm, pioneered a unique method of refining magnesium to create Magnesium aspartate-hydrochloride - MAH®. A completely different and superior grade of magnesium that is exclusive to Nupafeed.

All animals need to have the correct balance of calcium and magnesium. When a dog becomes stressed, anxious, nervous or excited, they burn off magnesium. This allows calcium to overload muscle and nerve cells and replicates the rise of adrenaline. This can cause erratic behaviour, sensitivity, nervousness, aggression and/or tension.

Nupafeed Stress-Less uses a water soluble, complex, pure, amino magnesium which is able to enter the dogs’ system efficiently and absorb into body tissue. Stress-Less supports the healthy balance of calcium and magnesium to help keep your dog settled, without compromising performance.

Nupafeed Stress-Less calming supplement can be introduced into your dog’s normal feeding regime. The tablets can also be given with a treat or the liquid can be administered directly into the mouth.

Stress-Less is totally safe and the feeding level can be adjusted, enabling owners to find a level that suits each individual animal. It is the ideal calmer for any dog showing signs of stressful behaviour including fear, nervousness, tension or aggression.

I am very pleased to tell you that Nupafeed Stressless has worked brilliantly on Oscar! He came from France  as a youngster who had no socialisation and was very nervous not only in the showring but also didn’t want to go for nice walks and didn’t want strangers to touch him. He was never aggressive, just very scared. We put him onto Stress-Less and he is still on it and now he loves his walks and at Crufts he was Reserve Best Dog (2015).”

Gazost 11 dit Oscar Du Pic D’Espade Kelltara import France

- Pat Phillips

“Our Springer Spaniel Lucy was 15 months old when we got her. She was skin and bone had had a litter of puppies and was covered in fleas and lice. After lots of TLC she soon became a happy healthy dog but nervous around noise and/or people. At home she was a really good working spaniel but was too nervous to work when we took her shooting.

A friend recommended stress less to us which we used last season and she became a different dog. She really enjoys herself now and works so well that I considered whether stress less was still necessary. But a couple of weeks ago my husband was shooting as a guest somewhere else and wasn’t taking her so we hadn’t been giving her the pills as we only use them 3 days leading up to a shoot day. When he brought his gun and all the gear into the kitchen she shrunk into her bed in the corner shaking and was relieved when he left without her.

A week later, back to our normal shoot and 3 days on the pills when he brought his gun etc in, she was galloping round and round so excited to be going.

So it looks like she will always need Stress-Less to help her enjoy her days out but that’s fine with us. And when I realised we weren’t going to have enough left I rang up and they sent them next day special delivery. I cannot thank them enough for a fabulous product. And this season everyone on the shoot has commented on the change in her.  This is a natural product with miraculous results.”

- Carole Whitfield

“I have been using Stress-Less for some years and have found it invaluable when competing as unlike other products it doesn’t make him dopey just lets him calm down as he gets very excited, also really helps with fireworks as he is very scared.”

- Jan Shafford

“This product is FANTASTIC!!!! My dog, who is 6 years old, gets half a ml morning and night on chicken paste and it has changed her life !!!! I have tried various products which have only ‘touched’ her problem –  now my dog has her life back !! Two years ago she got a fright while she was on the beach when a large kite crashed down beside her, since that day she became frightened of all noises….car doors slamming, overhead planes, any ‘droning’ sounds, gun shots, she would constantly shake all night, every night, in the house with worry & she would run away when she saw kites flying, windsurfers, wind turbines etc. It was heart breaking to see her like this, even my vet couldn’t help apart from putting her on a sedative which, I considered, a definite no-no. I can’t tell you how happy I feel – I’ve now got my dog back and she is having a wonderful ‘stress free’ life !!!!!!!

I will keep her on it for the time being……possibly for ever…..


- Ali Garbutt