Unique L-Carnitine supplement for stamina, strength and recovery in working dogs.

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Product features

  • Natural supplement for athletic dogs
  • Supports a healthy heart
  • Supports fitness and energy metabolism in overweight dogs
  • In liquid form, easy and flexible to feed.
  • Can be fed with other supplements or medication.
  • Uses pharmaceutical grade L-Carnitine, the free, active form of carnitine.
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Stamina-Extra Frequently Asked Questions 

Stamina-Extra is a patented, pharmaceutical grade, liquid L-Carnitine supplement for dogs. Use to support healthy muscle and cardiac function, energy metabolism and athleticism in dogs.

Stamina-Extra uniquely combines L-carnitine with MAH magnesium. MAH serves to facilitate absorption and works synergistically with L-carnitine to support muscle performance and healthy energy metabolism.

L-carnitine is a natural compound which is synthesised in the liver and also supplied through protein rich foods, particularly red meat. It is required for energy metabolism, enables the transport of fatty acids and acts as a buffer inside the cell helping to maintain a favourable environment for energy production.

Hard working dogs or those receiving poor levels of dietary L-carnitine are likely to benefit from supplementation.

For Hard Working Dogs…

Stamina-Extra supports optimum energy production to aid stamina and recovery. It also supports muscular adaptations to exercise thereby promoting fitness and strength. For this purpose it is best fed every day, ideally starting three weeks before a period of strenuous work. Stamina-Extra can also be fed for short periods of extra work or competition.

For overweight dogs...

Stamina-Extra supports healthy energy metabolism and exercise tolerance. Both magnesium and L-carnitine have been shown to support a healthy insulin response. L-carnitine may also help to promote the use of fat as an energy source, thereby improving energy levels and encouraging weight loss.

“Phaze is 7 year old Border Collie that competes in the sport of Dog Agility I know her pretty well, and the effects which I have observed since adding Nupafeed Stamina-Extra to her diet. Recovery times from competition and training even her normal walks has vastly improved! Muscle mechanics surely has improved as bar knocking is far less and muscle growth improved by gaining nearly a kilo without excess body weight! Stiffness and fatigue to muscles after a run seems to be considerably less from before, as she’s a lot more mobile say 30 minutes post run. And most importantly her concentration and decision making on course in competition has been exceptional having greater success this year. Very happy with the results thus far!”

- Marc Saunders, Agility

“I use Stamina-Extra for my husbands’ gun dog, Archie. While Archie loves his job and is still very healthy, his years are getting the better of him and he gets ever so tired. I started him on Stamina Extra at the beginning of the shooting season. He has been going out all day, and still comes back wagging and with energy. He is also much perkier the following day, before he looked stiff and I imagine he was a bit sore from his exertions. Thank you so much for keeping our old friend young! Attached is a picture of Archie from his more youthful days!”

- Karen Campbell

“I just wanted to drop you a line to express how pleased I am with the Nupafeed supplements I now use for my Jack Russell, Okie. I started off initially using the Flex GLM and Stamina Extra supplement to support her as we train hard and compete in Kennel Club Agility Competitions. Her muscles are now more defined and she seems stronger over all and (touch wood) she has not had any of the little niggles she has had occasionally in the past.

I have always had a problem at competition of her going flat and into herself, I have always felt this was a confidence issue which would resolve itself in time with more experience. I have now tried your Stress-Less supplement last weekend, I got my Okie back she was confident and bold and ran beautifully like she does at training, she went so well she on Saturday she can 2nd in her Agility class and on Sunday went one better and won putting her into Grade 5.

I’m so pleased I tried your supplements.”

- Rachel Chatfield