nupafeed flex glm joint supplement for dogs

Flex GLM

The innovative joint supplement for dogs

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Product features

  • Sustains mobility & freedom of movement
  • Supports hard working, aging or injured joints
  • Contains proven levels of the highest quality Green Lipped Mussel
  • Added anti-oxidants Vit E, Vit C and Selenium
  • Added minerals zinc & magnesium
  • Small palatable pellets ensure even delivery of nutrients
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Flex GLM Frequently Asked Questions 

Nupafeed Flex GLM (Green Lipped Mussel) joint supplement for dogs is a natural mineral feed additive containing only the highest quality, stabilised Green Lipped Mussel extract.

Green Lipped Mussel (Perna Canaliculus) is a shellfish that is sourced from the crystal clear waters of New Zealand. It is renowned for having a soothing effect on joints, helping to maintain mobility and comfort.

This complex natural product provides potent anti-inflammatory support for your dog’s joints and connective tissue. This is achieved through the action of a unique form of glycogen and high levels of long chain Omega-3.

Green Lipped Mussel also contains glycosaminoglycans (vital building blocks for cartilage), amino acids and trace minerals. These nutrients work in synergy to support healthy, resilient joints.

In addition to Green Lipped Mussel, Flex GLM joint supplement contains the favoured anti-oxidants; selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C. Anti-oxidants scavenge the damaging free radicals which accumulate during times of work or injury. They provide vital support for cell structure, function and recovery.     

Finally we add zinc to support healing and repair, and a small amount of our MAH® magnesium. Magnesium is critical for the proper utilisation of calcium. This supports bone strength and helps to prevent calcium pooling in soft tissue; a characteristic of aging joints.

Flex GLM is an exceptionally high quality joint supplement for dogs. It has been specially formulated for dogs taking part in high demand activities, older dogs and those needing additional joint support due to conformation or injury.


“I have been giving Nupafeed Flex GLM tablets to Libby for seven weeks and to Leo for the last three. I was sceptical about the likelihood of any improvement but I have been proved wrong and am now both impressed and a convert.

Libby is 14yrs and had begun to display stiffness after rest and found it difficult to get up when knocked down by her more boisterous companions. All this disappeared within a few days of administering the higher feeding level for the first few days and the improvement has continued on the lower level split over morning and night. Both my husband Paul and I agreed that we hadn’t had to help her up for weeks and she regularly comes on long walks with long episodes of free running.

With this favourable result I decided to give the Flex GLM to Leo is only 9yrs but has been retired from working trails due to back problems. After just a week we tried him on lower jumps which he managed with ease and he was soon up to full size without any apparent difficulty. Although we have no plans to bring him back into work, and it could be argued that it was the rest that had improved his condition, we feel sure that Flex GLM was also a contributory factor.”

- Wendy Beasley, Dog World Columnist

“We give both our 13 stone Leonberger and our rescued Northern Inuit Nupafeed Flex GLM tablets. Koda, our Leonberger, grew so rapidly as a puppy that he suffered from joint problems. He’s now sound and strong and enjoys a really active life for a big dog. Noushka, our Inuit, spent nearly three years in a rescue kennels and struggled to adapt to running free, with joint and ligament problems. She’s now fit as a fiddle and is unstoppable! We’re now blessed with two really happy, active dogs.”

- Tina Dade

“Lottie was found as a stray in Dublin aged 1-2 years old.  I adopted her and she has lived with me since. Some 6 months ago I noticed that she was regularly showing stiffness in one front leg, and whilst still happy to rush around and jump etc., she always trotted unlevel.  I initially thought that due to her age, it was to be expected that some signs of joint problems would be present in such an active dog.  I then recalled that I had seen reviews of Flex GLM  (when ordering Stress-less), but had never tried it, so decided to see if it would help Lottie, as it seemed likely that her stiffness would only increase as time went on. 

So I ordered some Flex GLM granules for her.  Initially, there was no obvious change, but then I realised after 3 weeks that there was little sign of her previous problem, and within 6 weeks no sign whatsoever – even during or after a longer walk where she had been charging around.

 So I am delighted that using Flex has made her completely comfortable again – no one ever guesses that she is 11 years old as she rushes around the beach and the marsh chasing swallows!”

- Sarah Hadley

“In August 2008, my eleven year old dog Dubh, a working cocker, was suddenly unable to get out of his bed. It seemed like his back was the problem and I took him to the vet. After two weeks and £350 of treatment there was no improvement. He seemed to have lost interest in life, refusing to get up and eat or drink. I spent nearly three weeks hand feeding him, giving him syringes of water hourly to keep him alive and carrying him outside to go to the toilet. I considered having him put to sleep because it seemed the kindest thing.

At this point I was offered some Nupafeed Flex-GLM to try. Each day he improved a little bit and within ten days he was back on his feet, eating and drinking again and eventually he was back out working with my picking -up team. He’s 12 now and still running around like a two year old. No one believes he is twelve (least of all me!) it’s only the grey muzzle that gives the game away!  Thank you for giving me back my Pirate!”

- Eileen Hendry – Working Gundog Owner